Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backroads and Blackberrys

Today we wandered around rural VA, WV and MD searching for back roads to ride and we hit the mother load.

This is the official back road of America, and it begins a little west of Columbia Furnace, VA. Here is an old mill along the route.

Very picturesque. The mill belonged to this house.

It's not a great photo, but you get the picture.

We made our way to Cumberland, MD for lunch at Roy Rogers where Pitstop was using his Blackberry to do some business after lunch when a wino rode up on a bicycle and started talking to him about his bike; "What does ST stand for? How many horsepower does it have? Does it have reverse?" Ron says, "Sport Touring, 125 hp, and no, it doesn't have reverse, but my friend's Gold Wing over there does." The wino comes back from looking at Jim's Goldwing and says, "That things got an air bag!"

"Yes it does", says Ron, "ain't that something." Then the wino rides away and Ron lays his Blackberry on the tail bag on the back of his bike and begins to investigate why his radar detector won't power up.

Later, when we stop for the night, Ron can't find his Blackberry and finally remembers the last time he saw it lying on the tail bag of the ST 1300. Verizon says they will deliver a replacement tomorrow to our temporary headquarters at Maria's Garden & Inn, Berkeley Springs, WV.

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