Monday, October 1, 2012

A Reunion Of Oldies But Goodies

I've been riding this summer, but not taking the time to write about the trips. It's a rainy day here in Lake Lure...a good opportunity to post some words and photos from the summer's travels that are now becoming bygone memories.

2012 marked the 50th anniversary of my graduating class from Dowagiac Union High  in southwestern Michigan.  Our 50th class reunion was held the weekend of Aug 25.  It was a good excuse for a ride to experience a healthy dose of Pure Michigan.  My plan was to attend the reunion and then do a Lake Michigan circle tour which would give me the opportunity to visit some cousins in the UP that I rarely get to see. Wife Penny drove to Dowagiac for the reunion, then headed back to Lake Lure on Sunday to prepare for Labor Day weekend and the large family gathering that has become an annual event at our place.

It was great seeing a bunch of old classmates, several of whom had never before attended a class reunion. I think there is something special about reaching the 50 year mark that moves people to want to get together with old friends from their youth.  In any event, it was good to see some folks that I haven't seen in 50 years.

Here are a few shots of happy 68-year-old faces...people who were glad to see each other after 50 years.

Roger and Jack

Henry, Walt, and Earle

Larry and Mary Anne


Butch and Ron

Liz, Suzie, and John

Penny and me

We had reunion activities Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we spent time with Penny's brother Bill, his wife Barb, daughter Morgan, and son Mike.  Mike was involved in a violent head-on collision back in May and was newly out of the hospital and living at home with Bill and Barb.  He was just relearning to walk with the aid of a walker and was wearing a "halo" with a shoulder and chest harness and pins into his scull to immobilize his head and neck due to the severe damage to the neck muscles and tendons suffered in the accident along with a severely smashed pelvis and leg.  His X-rays show a bewildering maze of pins, plates, and screws holding his pelvis and hips together. The latest word on Mike, just four weeks after our visit, is that the halo has come off and he has been able to trade the walker for a cane.  Way to go Mike.  What a tough guy.

On Sunday afternoon, Penny headed south for NC and I headed north for the UP.  The next episode will be devoted to my ride around Lake Michigan and my visit with "Yooper" cousins.

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