Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crossing The Way Of Saint James In Conques

On our way from Sarlat to Millau, we crossed Saint Jame's Way in the medieval village of Conques, situated high above the confluence of the Dourdou and Ouche rivers. Conques is home to the well-known Abbey-Church Of Saint Foy, and is a popular stop-over for pilgrims making their way from France to Santiago de Compostela on the Way Of Saint James.

The tympanum above the entry depicts the Last Judgement with Christ in the center, passing judgement. The righteous souls go to his right while the damned go to his left where they are eaten by a Leviathan and excreted into Hell. Not a happy fate.

The streets of Conques are very narrow, and vehicular traffic is not allowed in the village and must park in lots provided on the outskirts.  However, since motorcycles  occupy so much less space, we were permitted to ride in and find parking within the village...a nice perk.

Carole was quite familiar with Congques, having stayed the night there the previous year on her own pilgrimage trek.  The tall guy listening to Carole in the photo below is Laurent's cousin, Phillipe, who joined us in Sarlat the previous day, and would accompany us for the rest of the ride.

Dogs can be pilgrims too.  Check out the bindings on the feet of this little trekker.

After a nice lunch in Conques, we resumed our way to the city of Millau for the night.  Our accommodations were at the motorcycle-friendly Millau Hotel Club, whose owner rides a new Goldwing F6B.

On the morning of Tuesday June 25, he would lead us on a tour of the famous Millau Viaduc.

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