Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm Back

I have taken an extended hiatus from blogging for no good  reason other than being lazy and somewhat busy with other pursuits.  I invested in a new toy, a 1978 Correct Craft Ski Tique, for the ostensible purpose of pulling the grand kids around the lake on tubes and skis. But grandpa kind of likes to go out and just cruise the lake while listening to beach music and the beautiful burble of the V-8 exhaust.

I've spent more than a few hours installing a new boat lift to handle the weight and tinkering with some restoration projects.

In September, Wife Penny's 50th class reunion in Dowagiac provided an excuse to ride the V-Strom to Michigan and complete a circle-tour of Lake Superior with a couple of riding friends.

  October included a repeat ride to Michigan to hook up with old high school friends for a duck hunting expedition on Saginaw Bay.

 Getting an early start.

Captain Jim and his amazing duck boat.
Are we there yet?  And BTW, who turned on the AC? 

Setting the decoys.

What the duck?

Chef Al busy frying duck breast.  Hey Al, why does it taste like liver?

During the first week of November, we returned to Fla for the winter. And then came the holidays, with trips to NC for Christmas with the grand kids and the Florida Panhandle for New Years with riding friends.

That is some of what has been distracting me from blogging for the last few months. Now it's time to get back to writing about our French motorcycle tour. Laurent and Carole are putting the finishing touches to the website for their tour company, Ride In Tours, and need to be able to refer customers here for a taste of what to expect from one of their bike tours.

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